Hill of the Angels by Sue Mayfield

book-coverHill of the Angels by Sue Mayfield
Published by
 SPCK Publishing on June 16th, 2016
Genres: Historical Fiction & Young Adult
Pages: 180
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1640. In the Pennine wool town of Middlehome, childhood friends Abigail Booth and Grace Fowler are united by a shared love of wild hills, beautiful things and the mysterious angels of their secret place.

But tension is rising and bitter lines are being drawn across the land. Who is for the King? Who is for Parliament? And which side will God favour?

When the Civil War erupts, violently dividing neighbour against neighbour and brother against brother, Grace and Abigail’s families are ripped apart. Will their friendship survive and their hiding place remain safe?


Reading through the events of the Civil War from two different sides, both with different opinions and from different families, made this an interesting read. I had a hard time reading it, emotionally, but am glad that I did. It was beautifully written and even if you can’t relate, you can feel the vast array of emotions these girls are feeling while they are having to hide their precious friendship because of what war can do to families and communities alike.

This book reminds us that when we are small that we don’t see evil, hate, and differences. We merely see the beauty in things and how the simple things can mean the most. What I loved most is that even through seeing the hatred all around them they stick to what they know is right. People could learn a great deal from these two beautiful characters; Abigail and Grace.

This book wasn’t really my type of book and wasn’t something I would normally read. Though it was beautiful, I did have a hard time getting through it.. I liked it, but didn’t absolutely love it in the end.



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